Monday, July 25, 2011

Still raining in the Limousin!

Well, I have to report that it's still raining here in France.
Most unusual for our neck of the woods at this time of year, but I guess that's what we can expect after months of drought during the Spring.
Not that I'm complaining mind you, although I know many who are!
Like the poor girl in the bricolage store this morning who is desperate for a little summer warmth.
The beans & tomatoes have slowed considerably, but on the plus side, the potatoes are loving the rainy days & they are big enough to make good Jacket Spuds from.
The price of petrol in France seems to be on the up again.
It had come down a little recently, but this morning, when I filled up with 95 octane, it was 1.55 euros a litre and I passed a filling station that had there's at 1.64 euros a litre.
Bastille day came & went without to much noise. It was raining, so I expect that kept a fair few indoors.
The French summer holidays are upon us now though, & the A20 autoroute to the sun that runs from the North to the South coast of France has become much busier.
Time to relax at home & tend the garden methinks!
Have a good week.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

South West France & Limousin in July

Hello & welcome to the July blog about French Country Life & living in  the Limousin area of South West France.
It's been a strange few weeks weather wise. In this part of France, the Haute Vienne, at this time of year, we normally experience some very hot weather. When I say hot, I mean temperatures of up to 40°c which sends the French and expat population running for the shade of the house or garden trees.
However, after a very long, hot Spring, June was considerably cooler with showers and now July has followed suit.
I am very happy about this, not being a lover of the very hot weather, but my little French cherry tomatoes and green beans are not liking it quite as much!
So, this week, I've been indoors a fair bit, making green bean relish and my greetings cards that I sell online.
It can be hard to get just the card you want in France, and the French aren't big into greeting cards, so I decided to set up an online store & make my own. 

There are greeting cards depicting French Country Life, but also many other themes.
Once ordered, they are dispatched either to the recipient or to the buyer. I also offer a customization service, so if there is a card that someone really likes, but it's for a different occasion, I can easily adapt it for the customer at no extra charge.
If you are an English speaking expat & would love to get decent cards, check out my store , Chez Inkflo. 
English Greeting Cards For Expats Everywhere

On the plus side, the weather is doing my potatoes the world of good, so there is a silver lining to even the heaviest of clouds!
Have a good July wherever you are.