Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas is coming to France.

I frequently get asked, what is the difference between a French Christmas and an English Christmas?
Well, as the years go by, I have to say that the differences get a little less, but the main one is that the French do not start thinking about the festive season at the end of September!
When I first came to France, I never saw much in the way of Xmas decs until December, now, I can find them mid November.
Also, the French don't send out dozens of Christmas greeting cards.
They only send them to people that they don't see throughout the year, I call these my "Forgotten Friends", although they aren't really forgotten, just put to one side for special occasions!
You can see my thinking on my other blog here..., I think the French christmas is much more traditional, family oriented and old fashioned and long may it survive.
Joyeux Noel
Happy Christmas
or just Festivus Greetings!

No snow yet, but it sure feels close!

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