Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow in France today

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday. Around 10pm last night, down it came, thick, white & very fluffy.
It did look beautiful, but this morning, the temperature had risen & now it's all gone again.
I love watching snow in the light of a street lamp, it reminds me of my childhood when I would keep peeking through my bedroom curtains to see the snow swirling around the amber light outside the house. The flakes looked huge and I could hardly sleep, knowing that just the other side of the window, it was piling up thick & white on the lawn, drifting against the house wall and covering the plants & trees until they had all but disappeared.
It was certainly magical then, and the thought that school would be closed was even better!
Those were the days, now I just worry about getting the post delivered ... whatever happened to childhood dreams?


  1. We have had a lot of snow here in Wales for the past five days and I must confess that I love it and will be sad to see it go when the temperature rises the day after tomorrow, according to the Met Office. But then I haven't needed to go out in it at all, I haven't had to drive to work or to ferry my family around. And we haven't had any power cuts here, though that happened not too far away!

    The 'amber light' that you mention is the same here with our street lights and it gave the snow the sort of glow that you see in Chrismas cards! Oh dear, I'm just an old romantic :D

  2. Me too Judy, and the older I get, the more nostalgic I seem to become!
    Congratulations on your Valentine's Day card success, well deserved I thought.