Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow on the way ...

The forecast is for snow this weekend, and it will be the first of the winter.
The past two years have been much colder in November & December, and we have been snowed in for three weeks at a time.
The main roads were no problem, but living as we do on a hill,  it doesn't get cleared, so we either have to walk, or stay put.
I still have some radishes in the cold frame, but I'm not sure how long they will last now.
The children have returned to school after the Christmas break, so I expect they have sledges & plastic trays in readiness,  hoping for lots of the white stuff as soon as possible.
The best thing about snow, is that we can walk around the garden and see all of the wildlife that's been prowling around the night before. Deer, badgers, red squirrels, wild boar and of course the large variety of bird life that surrounds us.
Still, roll on the spring I say!


  1. We've just, an hour ago, had our first light covering of the white stuff. I'ts looking quite pretty but it's a bit wet-looking on the pavements so I suspect it will be gone by morning.

  2. Judy, if you're going to have snow, I hope it's the fluffy, thick sort then you can get your tea tray out lol!
    Enjoy your day whatever the weather.